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5 May 2012

Call for papers

International Medieval Congress
Leeds, 1-4 Julho 2013

Tema principal: “Pleasure”

data limite: 31 de Agosto de 2012

The IMC seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of Medieval Studies. Paper and session proposals on any topic related to the European Middle Ages are welcome. However, every year, the IMC choses on specific special thematic strand which – for 2013 is 'Pleasure'.

Pleasure is a universal human experience, but its components, evaluation, and meaning, and the contexts in which it is, or is not, a legitimate feeling and form of behaviour vary according to cultures and among individuals. Pleasure can be brought on by sensory stimulation, by aesthetic appreciation, by practising an activity, by sharing a common experience with others - or even all of these together (as in the case of the experience of sexual love). The crucial importance of pleasure in medieval living, as well as its multiple facets, constitute the reasons why the IMC has chosen for its special thematic focus for 2013:

Areas of discussion could include:
• Diverging cultural attitudes toward pleasure
• Pleasure in non-Christian contexts
• Earthly pleasure versus spiritual pleasure
• Visual and narrative representations of pleasure
• Social and corporeal manifestations of pleasure
• Pleasurable activities
• Individual and collective experiences of pleasure
• Prohibition and condemnation of pleasure
• Chastity, celibacy, fasting, and abstinence
• Love / sexuality / pleasures of the flesh - and their specific cultural expressions
• Medical theories and approaches to pleasure
• Mysticism, spirituality, and pleasure
• Creating and/or experiencing pleasure
• Entertainment and leisure
• Humour and fun
• Material culture and evidence of pleasure
• Pleasure and luxury / cultural goods / worldliness

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